Intelligent work comes from within

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Intelligent work comes from within

-a quarantine thought-

In these special days, different to any others we may have lived so far, we are called, from a voice which comes from within, to be everyday, despite all the rest, the best version of ourselves.
This also means dressing and getting nourished from materials, objects, what they represent and their almost symbolic value. 
 In these special moments of aloneness and rest, a fragment of Chandra Livia Candiani, poetess and writer, comes in handy: ‘to leave space around ordinary gestures, giving a space, makes them shine, allows them to break through the darkness in which we usually live, in our daily sleep. Then, slowly, the visits of awareness are received: they are the miracles of the known.’ (From ‘Il silenzio è cosa viva’, 2018).

With the disappearance of every outdoor and social activity, any gentleman is asked to inhabit his space with the finest grace. Having in mind a man from other times, when wearing a suit and a tie was common even to stay at home, a new challenge is created: re-inventing the existing piece of our wardrobe in new elegant and tough comfortable combination which can dress the person and consequently its daily actions. Waking up becomes an act of affirmation, I am in this world; therefore a night gown can make its appearance, together with other dressing rituals we may have forgot. 
It is not an easy task: we are asked to reflect upon the realised and the yet to be, absorbing the darkness and making it shine through our own personal realisation; daily and usually unnoticed gestures take the importance they deserve, inhabiting our spaces and allowing the light to come through. 
It is a smart work, because it is an intelligent one: based on time, space and reflection, something we usually lack and urgently need. 


Illustrations by Evgenia Manko @Opera Illustration

Text Amanda Ballerini

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