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Alain & Albert

What is Style?

“Knowing how to discern, knowing how to combine and knowing how to dress of course. But that’s not all, there’s more”.

Style is a natural predisposition, much like artistic talent, a nose for business, a chef’s palate or an ear for music. Such gifts tend to take root and prosper in appropriate  surroundings. They cannot be learned upon command. At best, they are handed down from generation to generation. Growing up in contact with a love of cloth and well-cut garments can teach you how to seek, find and recognise superior quality in raw materials. You might cultivate your flair for style along the lines of a lengthy family tradition. As the eldest child of Adriano Fracassi and the grandson of Eisner Fracassi, Alain is above all a gentleman of Style, besides being a clothing designer.

“Style can be observed, learned and loved by travelling the world far and wide since childhood”

It is found in the charm of people, places and things you have always known and appreciated. These things make you want to share them with other people who are able to enjoy them, wherever they may be. Style is international, original, glamorous, well-made and tasteful clothing. Here at DOPPIAA, style also means we have a true interest in every step of clothing manufacturing, from the raw materials to the shopping experience. Style is something very familiar to some people, a veritable imprinting. Over time, it can blossom into a fiery passion drawing from a constant natural aptitude for all that is beautiful in form and substance.


Like a time machine travelling through generations of elegant men, DOPPIAA  dresses the grandson and the grandfather, the uncle, the father and gentlemen of all ages.

The style is for a wide range of men in command of their aesthetic who wish to be recognised for the original, wellmade and high quality clothes they wear.

This style is as authentic as its wearers.

The way DOPPIAA divides each collection into specific branches with a characteristic total look and distinguished outerwear is a highly effective tool to present a mood of style to each diverse, multigenerational target audience. The offerings – from relaxed elegance to extreme sophistication – are coherently complementary in their distinctiveness. All carry the brand’s characteristic values and distinct aspects.

The Headquarter


If a brand could be translated into an address, DOPPIAA could have no other home. A is the first letter of the alphabet, and 1 is the first of the natural numbers. Via della Spiga  is also the foremost street of Milan’s fashion district.

In other words, it is a double first place – in name and in location.

Doppiaa Family